Picture of pilates instructor and student overlaid by words seven reasons to try private pilates instruction
08 Jul

7 Reasons to Try Private Pilates Instruction

The advantages of Private Pilates instruction over group classes

Have you ever thought about trying private Pilates instruction? Many people first experience Pilates in a group setting and enjoy those classes so much that they never seek private instruction. This unnecessarily limits their experience and progress, since there are many benefits to private Pilates instruction for beginning and advanced students. In fact, we think time spent one-on-one with our instructors is a big part of our clients’ success at Chicago Northshore Kinetics.

1. In a Private Pilates session, all eyes are on you

In a private session your instructor can observe your strengths and weaknesses, assess any injuries or limitations, and focus on your specific goals. She will really get a feel for your body movement patterns and develop strategies to challenge you and keep you progressing. She will also learn how to motivate you to do your absolute best. After spending this time working together, the instructor will be better able to make recommendations to help you improve.

2. You will build a relationship with your instructor

In private Pilates sessions, you will also begin to build a relationship with your instructor. Because the instructor is invested in the client’s growth and enjoyment, the client in turn will be able to feel comfortable in their care and direction. This opens you up to possibilities that might not have been available to you before. Not only will this help you reach your fitness goals faster, you’ll be able to seamlessly transition into group classes with an instructor who understands your unique needs.

3. Private Pilates instruction reduces self-consciousness and anxiety

You may not initially feel confident about starting a Pilates class. Especially for beginners, it can be hard to feel like you’re the only one in the class who doesn’t understand what’s happening. It’s a bit like joining a choreographed dance without learning any of the steps ahead of time. A private Pilates session is a safe space. When you’re ready to join the group classes you’ll be more self-assured and better able to follow along.

4. In a private session we can address any special health concerns

If a client has an injury or restriction, the instructor will work within those limitations to ensure a safe yet fulfilling workout. For instance, if you’re pregnant, post-partum, or newly injured, or dealing with an ongoing issue, you should spend some solo time with an instructor learning modifications or exercises to avoid. We might also try to heal or strengthen a specific set of muscles. Private sessions are the best places to address healing and safety.

5. In a private pilates session, we can focus on mastery

In a private session the instructor can give you his constant attention, which means he can help you move from accomplished to expert. Many students come to instructors after already having had some experience with Pilates. Sometimes that very experience can turn into bad habits that stand in the way of your fitness goals. In a private Pilates session the instructor will gently correct your form. We can also spend an entire session on a particular piece of equipment or take a few sessions to master specific exercises.

6. Private Pilates instruction can be scheduled flexibly

We try to offer group classes at a wide range of times. Still, busy professionals have demanding schedules. They can’t always attend a class consistently at a certain time, which can stand in the way of making progress. Meeting an instructor for private Pilates sessions lets you take charge of your schedule and your fitness. With flexible scheduling, you can put all your effort into working out, not trying to find the time to work out.

7. Private sessions are a good supplement for group classes

Maybe you normally prefer group classes, either for the attractive price point or the social atmosphere. You could still benefit from an occasional private session. There you can revisit exercises that you’re struggling with, get thoughtful feedback on your form, and ask detailed questions. Private Pilates sessions can also be peaceful places of renewal if you are struggling with stressful situations elsewhere. There are times you need a grounding, calming and restorative session instead of the energetic atmosphere of a group.

7. What are my options for private sessions at Chicago Northshore Kinetics?

We always recommend that our new clients sign up for the Introductory Package, which is three private sessions at a discounted rate. After that you can either continue exclusively with private Pilates instruction, or intersperse these with group classes. Of course, private sessions are available to our long-time clients as well. We encourage them to come either for the occasional focused session or to address changes that make their favorite group classes difficult.

If you are attracted by the idea of private instruction but not the price, you might try semi-private sessions instead. In a semi-private session, you will share the cost of the hour with one other individual. This is a fun and affordable way for you and a friend to get the kind of individual attention you would in a private session. Alternatively, the studio can match you with a person at a similar level who shares your schedule. We’re glad to help you experience the difference private Pilates instruction can make.