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Pilates is a type of physical and mental conditioning that was first introduced to the United States in 1926. Since then, Pilates has grown so much in popularity that what was once only known by dancers, actors, sports figures, and the rich and famous is now a household word.

J.H. Pilates believed that good health required balanced fitness of body and mind. He emphasized the importance of control over both, and even titled his body of work “Contrology“. Many contemporaries of Pilates have built upon his original technique by incorporating vital information about the body that movement science has only recently discovered such as; optimal spinal alignment, pelvic placement, and shoulder awareness.

At Chicago Northshore Kinetics, our instructors are fully certified in Pilates Matwork as well as on all Pilates apparatus. Our instructors are accredited by educational programs, which meet or exceed the standards set by the international governing body for Pilates teachers—the Pilates Method Alliance. Pilates sessions at our studio focus on developing core strength, promoting optimal body alignment, and cultivating a connection between mind and body through the proper use of breath. The team at CNS Kinetics has diverse training and certifications in Pilates, including Power Pilates, McEntire Method, and Stott. The variety of pilates training—from contemporary to classically rooted—means our instructional style is flexible to suit the specific needs, interests, and goals of our clients.

The Pilates method is performed in a sequence, either on a floor mat or on specially designed spring resistant equipment and includes more than 500 specifically designed movements.  The movements require centering, control, concentration, flow, breath, and precision for efficiency and fluidity. Muscle control, coordination, and balance, are integrated with strength, stability, flexibility and breathing, which makes the Pilates method the perfect workout for all ages and fitness levels.

We are outfitted with Reformers, Cadillac, Wall Units, Chairs, ladder barrel and Pilates props. We provide a challenging yet gentle approach to the classical work, which takes into consideration each client’s fitness level and stays in tune with each person’s individual goals.

More benefits of Pilates:

  • Rids the body of tension
  • Improves flexibility, posture, strength and biomechanical function
  • Increases spinal and pelvic stability
  • Refines balance and coordination
  • Aids in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries
  • Enhances body-mind awareness and performance
  • Develops a long and lean physique

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