Studio Etiquette

To ensure everyone enjoys their time at Chicago Northshore Kinetics, we respectfully ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

    • ARRIVE EARLY – Please arrive a few minutes before class, use the restroom, sign in, get a drink of water and center your mind in the present moment. Your workout will be enhanced considerably.
    • TURN OFF YOUR PHONES AND PAGERS – If necessary, set on vibrate upon entering.
    • KEEP VOICE VOLUME DOWN – Please be aware that others are concentrating on their bodies.  Refrain from excessive and loud discussions with classmates, instructors, and staff and from disrupting classes in progress.
    • NOURISH YOUR BODY– Before working out, it is recommended to finish your last full meal 3 hours prior. A light snack 1 hour before is recommended.
    • WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHING –We suggest you wear comfortable workout clothes that allow you to move freely and allow the instructor to see the movement of your body.    Please remove street shoes when you enter the studio.