“I have never seen you healthier,” explained my physician at the close of my annual physical,”…around your spine there is a lot of muscular development!” – clearly a sharp contrast to 18 months prior, when the physical and mental fatigue of a herniated disk dominated my life. Today I credit my healthy spine to the exceptionally skilled, perceptive and compassionate staff at Chicago Northshore Kinetics. Fueling my commitment to private sessions twice-weekly, the holistic workout is a soulful foundation for the mindfulness I attempt to practice each day.

Carol S.

After five years at a new full-time job, my body was feeling very neglected. I lacked muscle tone and strength, and clothes didn’t fit well. I signed up for the introductory package at Chicago Northshore Kinetics, and immediately felt the satisfaction of moving my spine, joints, muscles in circular patterns and finding the energy connections. I was hooked, and have looked forward to my weekly appointment ever since. The machines are amazing, offering an endless variety of options for moving and stretching my body; each workout session is different than the previous one. More than anything, I appreciate the flexibility I have gained. The quality of the instruction is superb, and the atmosphere in the studio is warm and peaceful. I’m a very satisfied client.

Diane M.

I have been doing Gyrotonic® for 18 months. I began by training once a week for 90 minutes and now train for 60 minutes/week. The longer sessions allowed me to slow down and let my body begin to learn the movements supported by my instructor’s physical support and personal cues.  As I have become more comfortable with the work on the gyro machines, I often tell my instructor a specific area of my body that I wish to focus on during our sessions.  This work is very hard for me and I am challenged each and every time, both physically and mentally.  For me, it is time and money well spent on my health.  The most valuable thing about this work is the “one on one support” and constant encouragement and feedback I receive during each training session.

I feel renewed and calm at the end of each session.

Jan M.

I have been coming to CNS Kinetics for almost 4 years and receive instruction in both Gyrotonic® and Pilates. I can honestly say the instruction at this studio is extremely professional, motivational and inspiring. The instructors truly attend to the details and technique of the work, they have great patience for deficient middle age memories, and they are able to break down complex exercises so that, with patience, one is able to see progress over time. I look forward to every session I have and always leave feeling stronger and straighter and pain-free.  I wish I could go every day!

Jane R.

I have been a regular client at CNS Kinetics since October 2010.  Unfortunately, I discovered them after 3 major back surgeries and failed attempts at every other type of therapy and exercise to help me recover and get strong and fit again.  CNS Kinetics has taught my how to correctly use the muscles in my spine and given me an inner strength I didn’t know existed.  I was in terrible pain and barely able to function when I started and they have given me my life back again.

The instructors I have worked with have been very knowledgeable and the studio is friendly and clean.  I highly recommend it to everyone including athletes.  It goes beyond therapy, pilates, and yoga in teaching you correct posture and how to open and strengthen all those deep stabilizing muscles that no other exercise teaches you.  It strengthens from the inside out.

Pamela G.

My experience at CNS Kinetics has been transformative.  Formerly very active, I came to Gyrotonic® with chronic neck and shoulder pain, which had kept me from keeping up an active lifestyle for years.  [No other] discipline had been able to release the blocked areas and allow me to move freely.  Gyrotonic® has helped me grow stronger, without aggravating my neck/shoulder problems, but more than that, I feel that I move so much more freely in every area of my body.  It is such a relief to come in each day knowing my stiffness and pain (which is now greatly reduced) will be relieved at the end of a session!

Liz R.

Having been through physical therapy and chiropractic sessions, I realize I should have started with Pilates. My instructor has guided me to a place where I am pain free and once again actively playing the sports that I couldn’t previously. Nice atmosphere and very friendly people. Scheduling changes and notifications are easy. Highly recommended.

John R.

Over the years, Gyrotonic® is the only form of exercise to which I have felt real commitment, and, believe me, I have attempted many types of physical activity. It has been over two years now since I began with CNS Kinetics and each time I work with my instructor, I feel healthier and more energized. I have trained with various instructors there, and have found each one to be uniquely qualified.

Ruth C.

I live in Evanston for half the year, and Tucson for the other half.  I started Pilates several years ago in Tucson and have graduated over time to doing mostly Gyrotonic®. As I have had a number of instructors while moving back and forth, I feel I am in a very good position to judge the various teaching methods.

By far, the instructors at Chicago Northshore Kinetics are the most professional, well trained and at the very top of the list. I work with the studio owner, who weekly amazes me with her knowledge, her ability to tailor the sessions to me, and my ever-changing body. My only regrets are that I can’t have more time with her, due to my schedule, and that I didn’t start this form of exercise years ago.  As for my Pilates training, I have never worked with any instructor that is as educated and has such a feel for Pilates as my instructor. It is a very different method from any that I have done before.

Rhona S.