We’ve taken the mind+body fitness exercises we use with our one-on-one client sessions and adapted them to a group environment.

Core Barre

CORE BARRE promotes high energy, low impact, and fat burning exercises based on elements of pilates, ballet and athletic conditioning. This creates an awareness and appreciation for beautiful, mindful and Smart Movement. CORE BARRE follows current concepts of stabilization to create effective and safe movement where body strength and awareness are increased as well as joint flexibility, proper posture, stability and form. Participating in CORE BARRE creates focus, precision, and strength not only in the physical realm but in context of general wellness and daily living.

Pilates Mat

All levels will practice together as Pilates encourages students to focus on control, precision, fluidity, and breath during the mat sequence designed to help you gain incredible strength, length, and flexibility. Props such as Magic Circles, stability balls, and foam rollers may be utilized during classes. Depending on the instructor, classes will be taught with either a classical or contemporary approach. Instructors will provide options to modify or increase the challenge of one’s workout.

GYROTONIC® Tower Group Class

This class is appropriate for participants who have had at least 10-15 private sessions on the GYROTONIC®® tower. Your instructor will guide you through deeply engaging and increasingly challenging exercises that work your entire body. Participants should have familiarity with GYROTONIC®® tower setup and teacher permission is required. Class is limited to a maximum of 4 participants and pre-registration is required.


This class begins with self-massage and simple breathing patterns that stimulate and awaken the senses. It then progresses through a series of spinal motions that mobilize the spine and pelvis through arching, curling and spiraling. These movement patterns are repeated on other areas of the body to stretch and strengthen musculature, massage the organs, and release the joints in the arms and legs in all possible directions. Some exercises are performed on low stools while others are done lying down, sitting, or standing. GYROKINESIS® maximizes the flow of energy through the body, leaving one feeling energized, balanced and grounded.

Open Level Yoga

The style of our classes is primarily vinyasa, which focuses on a blend of alignment-based yoga combined with creative sequencing and an emphasis on moving in synch with the breath.  Our classes are suitable for all levels, with instructors offering modifications to your practice to suit your needs or level of experience.

Fitness Bootcamp

This is an intense, progressive 4-week fitness course that challenges the entire body. The class incorporates cardio movements, plyometrics, body weight resistance, balance work and equipment training. Every day is different and builds on previous exercises. Our fitness bootcamp offers quality, consistency, progression and motivation. Give us your time and effort and by the end of the 4 weeks, expect incredible results—whether it be weight reduction, increased stamina, strength, muscle mass/tone, better balance, greater confidence or mental acuity.