When: Mondays, November 5th through December 17th-There will not be class December 3rd
Time: Mondays @ 9am-10am
Instructor: Nina Tatarowicz
Cost is $180 for all six weeks

Repetitive movement in our activities and poor postural habits embedded in daily life can lead to dysfunction and pain.  GYROTONIC® can restore the body’s sense of balance by focusing on alignment during movement, breath and subtle energy awareness.  With regular practice, you will learn how to identify and transform your own dysfunctional movement patterns.  This reveals your body’s potential to go beyond perceived limitations, improving your performance in activities (i.e. sports and dance) and rejuvenating your daily life.

The group class is appropriate for those who have had at least 6 months of private or group class experience. Basic knowledge of equipment set-up and familiarity with the sequence of exercises is extremely helpful.  Maximum of 4 students.

If you have never tried GYROTONIC®®, please contact us so that we can schedule an introductory session for you before the beginning of the group session.

Registration closes on Friday, November 2nd, and there is a 3-person minimum to hold the series. Registration on first come, first served basis.  No refunds or make-ups for missed classes.  Please, no exceptions to this rule.