What is the difference between pilates and the Gyrotonic method?

Pilates and the Gyrotonic method are each complete systems of mind-body movement. Pilates is more linear and focuses on core strength, pelvic stability, building long muscles that are flexible as well as toned, and proper body mechanics and alignment.  The Gyrotonic method is three-dimensional and circular. It too strengthens the body’s core muscles from the inside out.  There is more focus on moving from a strong connection to the body’s energy centers and then trying to ‘release’ the body.  The Gyrotonic method develops increased functional strength and flexibility, while improving coordination, neuromuscular control, and re-shaping the entire body.  Pilates equipment uses a spring-resistance system while Gyrotonic equipment relies on weight and pulley systems.  Both exercise modalities increase abdominal and pelvic strength, help maintain or increase spinal integrity, and are adaptable to all body types and levels of experience.