Why should I start with private instruction?

The reason we recommend beginning with either one, two, or three (our Introductory Package) private instruction  is two-fold. First, we use your first few sessions as a way to evaluate the skills and/or challenges you are coming in with, gain an understanding of what your goals are, and observe how the exercises affect your body as no two bodies will respond exactly the same. Second, we use a variety of teaching methods at the studio including; verbal guidance, imagery, and hands-on cueing. With gentle touch we can help to guide our clients into a better form and sometimes into a place they can’t find on their own. Obviously, it becomes difficult for our teachers to teach in this way with more than one client at one time, which is why we suggest a few sessions on your own before attempting to join a semi-private, trio, or group class.  In this manner, you can have the experience of total attention from an instructor and get the guidance and support most beginners really need.