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30 Nov

GYROTONIC® for Back Pain

Chronic pain patients are finding relief with GYROTONIC®

Did you know that between seventy and eighty percent of the population are estimated to have experienced lower back pain? Chronic back pain afflicts people from all walks of life, many of whom struggle for years to cope with debilitating symptoms. Sitting, standing, laying, walking, lifting – every move we make during the day requires a strong and healthy back.

The revolutionary GYROTONIC® system can actually relieve back pain. Although GYROTONIC® is just catching on, early medical studies and the anecdotal evidence have all indicated that the GYROTONIC® exercises can therapeutically relieve back pain. No other exercise system facilitates spinal motion and strengthens your spinal musculature like GYROTONIC®.

Why do people have chronic back pain?

People have chronic lower back pain for many different reasons. A recent article in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science says that 85% of all cases occur for nonspecific causes. In these cases, the back pain likely resulted from degenerative changes in the lower back structure and surrounding tissues. Unfortunately, people experiencing chronic back pain cope by moving the spine and trunk less, which only makes the problem worse.

Immobility is unhealthy for the back, so the pain itself becomes a pathological mechanism. Lack of movement weakens the muscles surrounding the spine, damages soft tissues in the trunk, lowers muscle endurance, and results in further degenerative changes in the intervertebral disc. This creates spinal instability and more lower back pain.

The GYROTONIC® system can heal and soothe back pain

Physical therapy, rest, and medication can reduce the symptoms of transient back pain. Still, these won’t always eradicate chronic pain, which must be treated with therapeutic exercise. Strengthening the supporting spinal and abdominal musculature can actually reverse some of the tissue damage that causes back pain in the first place. It’s important to target the spinal musculature in particular, something not every exercise system does well.

GYROTONIC® addresses the root cause of your back pain

Back pain is a tricky thing. Often the pain is localized in one area, but the source of the problem is somewhere else. If your back isn’t aligned properly or your muscles are tense it can affect your entire body. Because gyrotonic /”>GYROTONIC® exercises encourage a full range of spinal movement you will strengthen and stretch fully, addressing any possible source of back pain. For people who aren’t sure why they’ve struggled so long with back pain, this may be the best and most comprehensive system.

GYROTONIC® can alleviate arthritis pain

The Mayo Clinic recommends that people suffering from arthritis maintain an exercise routine. Even though it seems like exercise will aggravate your joint pain and stiffness, it’s actually a lack of exercise that makes your joints painful. Range-of-motion and strengthening exercises are particularly important to preserve the use of your joints. GYROTONIC® is specifically designed to articulate your joints and strengthen the surrounding muscles.

GYROTONIC® restores range of motion

Back pain keeps us from being able to move freely. The right exercises can gradually help sufferers regain range of motion, and GYROTONIC® is designed specifically to do just that. The pulley tower—the primary piece of equipment used for GYROTONIC® exercises—allows for greater range of motion than Pilates or Yoga, while simultaneously strengthening underused muscles with adjustable weights. As you arch, curl and rotate, your body will flow through the exercise, easing pain and stiffness.

When should you try GYROTONIC® for your back pain?

Chronic back pain makes it physically and psychologically difficult to be active, even if you realize exercise is the best and most permanent solution. Signing up for private instruction in GYROTONIC® is a good first step. Focused attention from an empathetic and expert instructor can help you make real progress towards your goals and to push your body without injuring yourself.

If your doctor has diagnosed you with nonspecific back pain, and you haven’t recently had surgery for your pain and are not scheduled for surgery in the future, it should be safe to try GYROTONIC® exercises with a competent practitioner. It is possible to benefit a great deal from GYROTONIC® after multiple surgeries as well, but consult with your physician first.

When you’re ready to get started, call us at Chicago Northshore Studio Kinetics. We’re proud to be the premier GYROTONIC® studio in our area. Over the years, we’ve worked with many people with a wide range of physical limitations and have helped them lead their best, most active life. Check out the special pricing on our introductory package for new students and start living pain-free today.